True Instinct Arrows

White Wolf Archery would like to introduce its new line of True Instinct arrows for the natural archer within us all. One can appreciate their simple, slightly primitive design inspired by a love for traditional archery. Made from our very own hand-crafted Spanish Cedar shafts, this particular type of wood was specifically selected for its unique qualities. The finished wooden arrow is extremely forgiving and has the ability to dampen the vibrations caused by shooting a bow, resulting in a much more consistent shooting pattern. Not only that, but they accelerate very methodically and have greater stability at longer distances, qualities which all aid in driving these arrows exactly where you look. Compared to Port Oxford Cedar the diameter of our Spanish Cedar shafts is slightly larger for their spine, yet any avid hunter will be pleased to learn that our arrows fly without more than a whisper. We can ensure that these arrows resonate at a frequency which truly compliments our White Wolf custom bows.

Our True Instinct arrows are currently being offered in a wide variety of camouflage colors so you're sure to find a match for your custom bow! With all three feathers the same color each arrow has a nock indicator and our signature paw print points outward for quick, easy alignment every time. These arrows are brand new and the first of their kind so due to limited quantities they are currently being sold by the half dozen. Buy a bundle and bring out your primitive side. Trust your instincts.

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Available Spine Ranges:
(20-25), (25-30), (30-35), (35-40), (40-45)

Note that due to the nature of the wood, these arrows can be shot 10-15 pounds above their spine range with ease! True Instinct arrows will accommodate larger poundage bows.
Available Shaft Lengths:
Minimum shaft length is 26" and maximum shaft length is 31".
Shaft Sizes:
  • All spines (20-25) and (25-30) come with a 11/32" shaft
  • All spines (30-35), (35-40), and (40-45) come with a 23/64" shaft
Point Weights:
  • All spines (20-25) and (25-30) and come with a 125 grain point
  • All spines (30-35), (35-40), and (40-45) come with a 145 grain point
1.) Arrow set - $65 per half dozen
2.) Bare shafts - $18.75 per half dozen
True Instinct Arrow Options:
1.) Arrow set - includes:
  • Your choice of spine range
  • Your choice of shaft length
  • Your choice of fletching color
  • Black 11/32" classic indicator nock installed
  • Black field point of corresponding weight installed
  • Black artificial sinew lashings on bottom and top of fletchings
  • Black signature paw print
*Full length (31") untapered shafts can be chosen with the additional option of points of corresponding weight included separately with your order

2.) Bare shafts - includes:
  • Your choice of spine range
*Shafts come with a finish

Note that all True Instinct arrow shafts in your set are ensured to be within at least 20 grains of one another. If you require another weight spread please let us know and we will not hesitate to accommodate you if possible!